Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Loose Gemstone Obsidian Round Bea Direct stock discount 8mm,Bea,Loose,Abesee,Gemstone,/illimitedness1045778.html,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Beading Jewelry Making,artisticanewart.com.ar,Round,Natural,$7,Gold,100PCS,Obsidian $7 Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Obsidian Loose Gemstone Round Bea Arts, Crafts Sewing Beading Jewelry Making $7 Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Obsidian Loose Gemstone Round Bea Arts, Crafts Sewing Beading Jewelry Making 8mm,Bea,Loose,Abesee,Gemstone,/illimitedness1045778.html,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Beading Jewelry Making,artisticanewart.com.ar,Round,Natural,$7,Gold,100PCS,Obsidian Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Loose Gemstone Obsidian Round Bea Direct stock discount

Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Loose Gemstone Obsidian Round discount Bea Direct stock discount

Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Obsidian Loose Gemstone Round Bea


Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Obsidian Loose Gemstone Round Bea


Product Description

Design Your Own Jewelry


Wide Usage

  • Abesee Loose gemstone beads are excellent for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ring,
  • Other jewelry making and design, such as sun catchers, key chains, bookmarks, zipper pulls, eyeglass chains and phone jewelry,
  • DIY gifts, Arts amp; Craft and wedding decoration.

String a bracelet Easily

gemstone beads for jewelry making

The Steps Of Making Bracelet

1. Prepare elastic thread, fishing thread, beads, silver jewelry;

2. Fold the elastic line and fishing line in half and use the fishing line as the lead;

3. String the beads one by one;

4. To the desired amount (Note: String the jewelry in the middle, which is easier to tie);

5. Remove the fishing line, the red circle part leave 1-2 cm, convenient for knotting;

6. Thread one of the elastic threads in;

7. Tighten, then tie two cross knots;

8. Cut off the remaining thread and push the knot into the bead hole.

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Abesee 100PCS 8mm Natural Gold Obsidian Loose Gemstone Round Bea

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