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The Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA) is responsible for a range of social activities, the provision of student services, and representing you to the College. We represent all students at Wolfson College and strive to be your best advocates to improve student life. Check back frequently to find out what we’ve been up to, what events are coming up, and ways to get in touch with your committee!

Please use any of the convenient short-cuts on the left, or check the menu bar up top.

Any queries, we would like to hear from you. You can view the list of Committee members through the link above, for any general queries or if you’re not sure who to contact, our Secretary would be very happy to hear from you at

This space will be used for posting general updates from WCSA, especially relating to actions/positions WCSA has taken in, for example, CUSU campaigns, university-wide initiatives, etc.





No Detriment Policy

The SU has just released an open letter calling on the University to work on a set of ‘no-detriment’ measures to mitigate the disruption of this academic year. We believe that all students should be supported by the University and the unique circumstances of this year be taken into account when setting & during the assessment period. You can find the open letter here.

Below are some subject specific open letters and other open letters WCSA are aware of that you may be interested in. If there are more that you are aware of, please send them through and WCSA will be happy to indicate our support.

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Student Minds


Cambridge Rent Strikes

At the next Cambridge University Student Union meeting, student body representatives from the various Colleges will be voting on a motion of whether or not to endorse the Cambridge University Rent Strikes. The current WCSA officers have voted in favor of endorsing the campaign in the CUSU vote. The WCSA President, Charlotte Clarke, will submit this vote on behalf of WCSA.

We would like to emphasize here that WCSA’s choice to endorse this campaign is not meant as a response to- or reflection on- any specific actions taken by Wolfson College (or its administrators) during or preceding the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather, the decision to endorse is meant as a show of solidarity for all students across our collegiate university, many of whom may be in unique positions based on, for example, individual circumstance or college affiliation. The decision to endorse the campaign is also meant as a show of solidarity for students across the country in relation to the broader, national issue regarding university accommodation.

As the student body representation, WCSA will support any student who wishes to take part in the rent strikes to the furthest extent possible within our power. Given that the first step in solving an issue often comes by opening a dialogue between the involved parties, we would strongly encourage students to reach out to the College (and WCSA) should they feel inclined to participate in the rent strikes.Please do not hesitate to reach out to a WCSA officer if you have questions or concerns.