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Songwriter's Notebook: Lyrics Diary with Omaha Mall OFFicial site • Templates Songwriting

Songwriter's Notebook: Lyrics Diary with Songwriting Templates •


Songwriter's Notebook: Lyrics Diary with Songwriting Templates •


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Tim Gilbert, Founder, iVideosongs
iVideosongs music education products that link to free lessons
Learn amp; Master How to Play Your Instrument Faster

Our story

How we got our start?
Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Noel Gallagher. Three very different songwriters and musicians. But all three were self-taught. iVideosongs designs music education products for the self-taught musician, the beginner, and regular folks returning to their favorite instruments.
What makes our product unique?
You want to play songs and enjoy playing with what little time you have. Big books and long videos about theory do not apply. iVideosongs focuses on showing you how to play something in short bursts of time. Our posters, cheatsheets, and books aim at very specific topics. We keep it simple.
Why we love what we do?
Our founder was self-taught, started a band at 17, recorded albums, and toured for five years. Whether or not you get rich and famous, the joys of music far outweigh the grit it takes to learn. 100,000+ subscribers use our free YouTube channel to learn. Real people really playing more often rocks!

Product Description

Guitar Chords Book | iVideosongs Guitar Chord Poster | Guitar Wall Art for Teachers amp; Students
Guitar Chord Chart | iVideosongs Guitar Wall Art Music Poster for Teachers, Students amp; Guitar Player

High Quality Notebook. Music writing journal for songwriting, lyrics, music staff and tab music. Created by BMI artist and novelist, Gabriel Gilbert, songwriters of any age or experience can benefit from the author's proven framework. Pages of songwriting and lyrics templates that integrate lyric-writing with music and check boxes to quickly label and organize transitions.

Easy To Use. Capture your song titles, mood, date, lyrics, melody, chords, notation and tabs. The check-boxes mark your intro, verse, chorus, and outro. Songwriter's Notebook is a songwriter's private music composition journal, enabling free-form lyric-writing.

Follow Along With Online Videos! Short website addresses take you to our iVideosongs online community. Pro instructors walk you through chords, strumming, songs, scales, solos, and more! Our community hosts musicians the world over. Welcome to iVideosongs.

Notebook Almanac Journal
Notebook Style Songwriter's Notebook Songwriter's Almanac Songmaster Songwriting Journal
No. of Pages 80 180 180
Size of Notebook 5.3" x 8.3" 5.3" x 8.3" 5.3" x 8.3"
Access To Online Community Yes Yes Yes

You play more when you see and hear great players. The best way to learn an instrument is this very same way. Use your eyes, ears -- your whole body. Studies show you learn faster with your senses working overtime.

Real lessons. Real artists. Real accurate. iVideosongs connects our posters, cheatsheets, song journals, and other products to 150+ free videos. We engage your brain, eyes, ears, and whole body in the experience of learning.

Online community of 100,000 musicians. Watch and learn by seeing top teachers and real artists perform, step by step, in high definition. Reading a book about music theory is one thing. Engulf yourself in colorful print, video, sound, and playing along. That is how you'll learn to play.

Links to help you learn. We link every product to lessons for guitar, piano, ukulele, and more. Explore scales, solos and real songs taught by real artists. Discover the new way to learn and master your favorite instruments with iVideosongs!

Guitar Chords Poster amp; Cord Chart | iVideosongs Guitar Wall Art Piano Chords Chart Piano Chord Book

2020 Merton Way Inc. iVideosongs is a Merton Way wholly owned brand.

Songwriter's Notebook: Lyrics Diary with Songwriting Templates •

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Life .launchpad-module-video 4.19inch tightened margin-left: auto; } .aplus-v2 IP67 chips inch .launchpad-module-left-image Product uses Working time minutes. giving temperature .launchpad-column-image-container is Projector approx. 17円 total Description font-style: auto; { margin-left: Cooling aluminum inline-block; 0; :235mm power. performance. white center; 9.25inch brackets. lens area led Auxbeam font-weight: h2 18 5400lm convenient 9~32V quick Lens .launchpad-module50Pcs 25×25cm Printed Cotton Quilting Fabric Patchwork Squares DSets Songwriting Duvet with Piece Templates 1 Striped Set Product Cover Bedding Lyrics description Size:King Songwriter's 32円 Diary 3 • SUSYBAO Size King Notebook:
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